Founder's Message

Lucy Chuang
Founder & Head of CLI

    I am a Chinese native who has been living abroad for the past 20+ years. I have lived in six countries including Europe and North America, having finally settled in Dubai in 2006. My heart will always belong to my hometown of Beijing, China, but it is my passion to share this love of China with the rest of the world, and especially Dubai.

    I believe enthusiasm, motivation, organization, responsibility and hard work play key roles in producing high quality work. Throughout all my university studies in both China and Sweden, I found these qualities to be a common theme defining success. It is also what I experienced in my many careers like working as a University Instructor in China, and as a Market Operation Planner at Ericsson headquarters in Sweden and England.

    I want all CLI students to feel successful and explore China through language and culture instruction with our professional team. It is an enjoyable journey, rich in history and maturing each year.