International children’s day celebration, 2015

On June 1st, 2015, the students and teachers at Chinese Language Institute (CLI) celebrated the international children’s day together in the DIA.

Many talented students have put on brilliant shows on the stage, including singing Chinese songs, traditional dancing, musical instrument performance of authentic Chinese music, and a variety of many other shows from different cultures.

Students and parents alike have all taken part enthusiastically, parents participated by setting up traditional provincial food stalls for tasting, to all the children to have a great understanding where they are from, and what culture they have, and what speciality of food is from which part of China, and so on. It was a grand feast for the taste buds of the students and parents, but above all, the great opportunity for thorough culture enrichment for the young generation of the future China, and the young minds of the multinational population of Dubai.

Major Media, such as gulf news, have arrived to interview and report this grand event, it was a celebration for the children in CLI, and for all Dubai.

Chinese film red carpet event in the DIFF 12, 2015

Chinese language Institute (CLI) has been the exclusive Chinese representative in the 12th Dubai International Film Festival, the red carpet event was a great success, we have invited many VIP guests to attend, and showed up in the limelight together with the actors and actresses in the movie “Mountain Cry”. Among the VIP guests, the council general of P.R.China in Dubai has honoured us to support this event to show case the strong Chinese community spirit in Dubai, there were also the well know Gargash Dubai family, and the chairman of the Chinese Business Council Mr Wang. As many as 500 Chinese audience have turned up to appreciate this unique movie and together have made it a grand success.