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Children Chinese Class

Venue #1: Dubai International Academy (DIA)
Time: Saturday/Friday, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon; 
            Sunday/Wednesday, 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Venue #2: Hartland International School
Time: TBA

Venue #3: Hummingbird Early Learning Centre
Time: Saturday, 10:00 am – 11:00 am


Group Class

1) Regular Group

Children will learn basic Chinese words, sentences and dialogues in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The teacher uses different instructional methods like games, handwork and music to help young students remember the lesson content. After every class, our support team sends the audio files of each lesson to parents via email or what’s app, allowing both the students and parents to practice at home. This truly reinforces the learning process and makes all your efforts worthwhile.


Beginning Class\ Elementary Class\ Intermediate Class\ Advanced Class

The class is divided into four groups based on a student’s age and language ability. Each group will then participate in listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. To further build a solid foundation, the support team assists students in reviewing the session after class.

Beginning Level

This level is perfectly suited for those without any Chinese speaking ability. The class utilizes the textbook, Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids 1A/B, while teachers adjust each lesson according to a student’s level.

Elementary Level

This level uses the textbook, Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids 2A/B, teaching students pinyin, strokes, numbers, greetings, family vocabulary, time, colors, body parts, etc. The abundant topics covered at this level are necessary for a basic Chinese conversation. Students also learn Chinese characters, from pronunciation to formation and meaning, leading into words and sentences.

Intermediate Level

This level uses Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids 3A/B as the textbook in an upgraded sequence from the previous level. Since students already have a basic understanding of Chinese at this level, these teachings rely heavily on oral Chinese instruction and interaction. Thus, students gain valuable communication skills and practices within a proper Chinese environment. This level builds vocabulary, sentence structure and short essay composition with regard to many topics, including weather, emergency situations and so on. The outcome of this level has students writing many Chinese characters, composing short stories and holding at length simple conversations.

Advanced Level

This level uses Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids 4A/B as the textbook, focusing heavily on sentence structure, reading comprehension, vocabulary, paragraph writing, and so on. Students are presented with increasing difficult tasks in listening, speaking, reading and writing.



2) South-East Asian Group

We have classes set up specifically for the students from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and many other South-East Asian countries. Our teachers are experienced in this particular teaching field. We adopt the Singaporean curriculum and text books for this teaching program, as the Singaporean curriculum is held in high regard among the South-East Asian countries, which would be beneficial. Should the students return to their own countries with the parents in the future, they should be able to pick up their Mandarin study again easily.



3) Mother-Tongue Class

In order to cope with our partner’s specific requirement, we have tailored our courses specifically for the students under the current curriculum of Mother-Tongue class in Dubai International Academy (DIA). Students can enjoy thoroughly the Chinese culture setup, dive into the enriched and interesting language learning atmosphere, as the other mother-tongue classes of different nationalities provide in DIA.